eLite Element V2 Glove Set


  • Upgraded, easier-to-use Speed and Tilt motion functions, plus the all new Flux Motion
  • Custom designed default modes tailored to your gloving style
  • 31 Color Palette including new colors: Cosmic Owl, Lime, Cyan, Lens Flare, Snarf, and Tombstone
  • 12 Flashing Pattern options including new patterns: Shadow, Centerpoint and Ultra Dops
  • Firmware Upgrades: Faster programming level navigation, optimized button click response, fixed master reset issues, eliminated bugs
  • Faster, more user-friendly navigation
  • Reinforced LED bulb connections
  • eLock Battery Protection software
  • 1 Year Free Replacement Warranty

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Custom Designed Modes For Your Gloving Style

Fresh New Colors & Flashing Patterns

Revamped Motion Modes


Just like in V1, Speed Function features the ability to switch your lights between two uniquely programmed sets with the flick of a finger. For V2, we went in and totally reoptimized the accelerometer readings. In English, that means that these things now react smooth as silk. We also adjusted the 3 different Speed Resistance levels so that the lights change depending on how fast you want to move.



Tilt function works the same as V1, but it's just better. It reacts quick and consistently. Point your lights up to the sky to use your first set, and down to the ground for your second set. Now featuring the ability to select the exact angle where your lights will switch sets.



Flux Motion is a blissful blend of 3 single colors reacting to 3 different speeds. As you glove faster, the colors melt between each other with awesome transitional hues. This function is fully compatible with all 12 flashing patterns and can be customized to add gaps between the strobes without having to reprogram. See the "All Around" set above for programming info.

Faster, More User Friendly Navigation

The Element V2 uses the most intuitive one-button programming interface on the market.

  • Edit any feature in seconds without affecting the rest of the light's functions
  • Enter or exit each programming level with ease
  • Live Preview programming (see below)
  • eLock Battery Protection software - keeps your lights off in your pockets and bags
  • Decreased time between programming levels for significantly faster navigation
  • Patent Pending


Live Preview

Flashing Patterns

When programming, you can see a live preview of your flashing patterns before selecting them. When you scroll through the options, simply move the light side-to-side to see.

Color Sets

When you program your color sets, you can see a live preview of your colors before you place them into the set. Just move the light side-to-side and you will see all of the colors you've already selected combined with the color you are currently looking at.



Custom Mode Ordering

Just like the Element V1 and the Chroma CTRL, you can rearrange your modes to the order of your choice. Use the 6 available mode slots (or less) in any combination you can imagine. You can even repeat modes. When you get tired of your custom order, reset your modes back to their default order without losing your original programming.

What's in the Package

Just like the Chroma CTRLs, Element V2s will come shipped with the lights fully assembled and eLocked inside your gloves. Just put them on, hold the buttons to unlock and glove.

  • 10 X Clear Bulb eLite Element V2 Chips
  • 10 x Clear eLite 4.0 Casings (installed)
  • 20 x CR1620 Batteries (installed)
  • 10 x Standard LED Diffusers (installed)
  • 1 x Pair Medium Magic Stretch Gloves
  • 1 x Glove Pouch
  • Instructions