IHR X Lunautics Cyber Babe Face Jewels


Glam up your next rave look with IHR X Lunautics Cyber Babe Face Jewels! Cyber babes everywhere will be able to rock a combination of black rectangular jewels accented with circular holographic jewels that sit on the forehead, under the eyebrows and below the eyes. These face jewels com pre-assembled on ultra sticky adhesive to make sure you're shining all night long.

  • How to Apply: Remove Cosmic Crystal clusters from the package and place firmly against skin for five (5) second
  • Works best on clean skin
  • Avoid using oil-based products prior to applying Cosmic Crystals.
  • How to Reuse: Cosmic Crystals can be re-worn several times after first use. After removing crystals, gently wipe the back of each cluster with a damp cloth to remove excess oils, and place back inside the original packaging
  • Upon next use, apply Cosmic Crystals with Galactic Glitter Glue.